Small South Asian Businesses: Kids

August 5, 2021

Inkidzco (@inkidzco)

In Kidz boxes help kids connect with other cultures and embrace everyone just as they are. Shop HERE. Top 25 subscription box on Red Tricycle. Use promo code MAMAJOTES10 for 10% off your subscription. 

HavaWorld (@havaworld)

Indian-inspired clothing for kids. Comfortable and stylish for home and events. Shop HERE

Artsydinos (@artsydinos)

Artsydinos aim to teach kids to embrace diversity through crafts & activities. Shop HERE

Bolobolobaby (@bolobolobaby)

Hindi & Gujarati Dry-Erase Workbook, Hindi Calendar w/Indian festivals, & Alphabet Tracing Board. Shop HERE

Meditation for Kids by Tejal V Patel

Meditation is great for dealing with tough feelings―even for kids! It doesn’t matter if your child is upset and needs to take a minute to calm down or you just want them to be a bit more focused, Meditation for Kids has the perfect exercise to help them out.

Mindulbuddiez (@mindfulbuddiez)

My kids love Omi the Elephant! He's a mindful elephant that helps them with deep breathing and calming themselves. Shop HERE.

Moditoys (@moditoys)

Makers of the first-ever mantra-singing Baby Ganesh®, Baby Hanuman & Baby Krishna! Sparking curiosity about our Indian roots through play. Shop HERE

Tpartycreations (@Tpartycreations)

Tpartycreations connects kids to South Asian culture through colorful products. Shop HERE

Thejaijais (@theJaiJais)

The Jaijais carry a beautiful series of books, yoga cards, and products that help pass on stories through generations. Shop HERE

Taarima (@taarimaa)

Taarimaa carries a selection of Gujurati and Hindi books and language learning resources. Shop HERE

Bhaashabasics (@bhaashabasics)

Bhaashabasics carries toys and games that are hands-on and South Asian inspired. Shop HERE

The Heritage Supply Co. (@theheritagesupplyco)

Heritage Supply Co carries children's educational toys grounded in south asian traditions. Shop HERE

Bloomkindfully (@Bloomkindfully)

Bloomkindfully carries initiative products to inspire the next generation of confident, compassionate, and resilient human beings. Shop HERE