Treat Yo' Self To Some Essential Oils

May 7, 2021

I love essential oils. I bought the premium starter kit from Young Living a year ago and it has honestly changed my life. Not only did it spark my switch into safer and cleaner products all around, but I use essential oils ever single day for aromatherapy, pain, anxiety, sleep, allergies and meditation + prayer.


The holidays are nearing and it's a perfect time to gift yourself the essential oil starter kit you've been eyeing for far too long. Trust me, I understand. I waited months before finally taking the leap and the minute my kit came, I was kicking myself for not getting it sooner.

Year round, you have the options to get the following starter kits:

The holiday catalog released today and there is a special kit option you can grab, but act fast because it will SELL OUT fast!

Another option is a smaller starter kit for those of you who have been hesitant to commit.

This kit has vanilla, which I have been waiting to get my hands on!

Once you order a starter kit, you are a member of Young Living. You have two options: You can be an essential rewards member where you spend approximately $50/month and get rewards and freebies OR you can opt out of that option and order with the wholesale discount through one-time order whenever you like.

If you want to order from the holiday catalog, but do not want to order a starter kit, you can order directly through me. Send me an email or DM me on instagram

Happy Holiday Shopping My Friends!