Candle Magic based on the Lunar Cycle

May 7, 2021

If you caught my live with Actress and Witch Norma Maldonado-Buha, we talked heavily about how to use candle magic to manifest your soulmate, career goals and other dreams.

Here is info from Norma on how to proceed:

Basic Candle Magic

Here is a link for Moon Phases:

Time to attract to you : Waxing Moon from New Moon til Full Moon

Time to release from you: Waning Moon from Full Moon til New Moon.

                               Days of the Week for magic and color of candle to use

Sunday: Planet : Sun.   Color -Yellow, Orange, Gold  Purpose-Blessings, joy, success, abundance

Monday: Planet: Moon  Color-Silver,White  Purpose-Peace, protection, emotional healing

Tuesday: Planet: Mars.  Color-red  Purpose- Motivation, strength, power, sex, battle

Wednesday: Planet: Mercury   Color-blue, grey, orange  Purpose- communication, writing, vocal expression, success

Thursday: Planet: Jupiter. Color- green, brown, purple  Purpose- Luck, money, expansion, justice, enlightenment

Friday: Planet: Venus. Color- red, pink, green  Purpose_ Attracting Love, Sex magic, Self-love

Saturday: Planet: Saturn Color- Black, red/black Purpose finalizing, unblocking, release of negativity, letting go

WHITE CANDLES ARE ALL PURPOSE CANDLES !!!!!!!                                                                  

There are many ways to do candle magic. The above is a reference guide as to when to perform the spell for optimal results. 

You can use all kinds of candles to do your magic. Typically, you use a solid colored candle or a two-tone candle. If it is in a glass receptacle, you can draw and write on the glass. What you write should express what it is that you wish to manifest. I use sharpies, glitter, I anoint the candle with oils that correspond with my intention.

You can be as simple as you want or as elaborate as you want. But much like anything you cook, don’t add too much to your creation or else you’ll get a mish mosh of energy and your spell will suffer.

Do’s and Don’ts of Candle magic


  1. Clear your mind and space before you begin. Sage and/or clear your candle. This is to remove prior energy.
  2. Be clear about your intention
  3. Know that you cannot control another’s will
  4. Come with humility and gratitude
  5. Do a short meditation before you light your candle to center yourself
  6. Find a safe non draft place to light your candle. Be sure there are no flammable pieces near your candle. You can place the candle in your fireplace, in a deep pot (like the kind you cook pasta) and halfway fill the pot with water. Place in the bathtub away from the curtains. Etc
  7. Place your candle before you, hold it in both hands, envision your intention, claim your intention out loud, then blow 3 breathes onto the wick. Light the candle. Say “This or something better comes to me now”
  8. You may want to sit and watch how the flame is burning. Continue to envision your intention,
  9. Trust and believe that your spell will work. The bigger the intention the longer it may take. Trust, that if it is for your highest good it, will manifest!


  1. Leave your candle in an unsafe place or unattended.
  2. Be sure you have a barrier between the bottom of your candle and the surface it’s on.
  3. Make a spell against anyone’s will. Even if you think you are doing it for their best interest. You need permission from the person
  4. Never BLOW OUT an already lit candle. Snuff it. Pinch it, or smother it. (the only time it’s okay to blow out a candle is for Birthday candles or if you light a candle for a saint or deity as a form of honoring them, but not if you have a petition.)

There are many online resources to help you go deeper. This was a basic format. I use herbs, oils, sigils, symbols, crystals and more when I do my magic. 

 Stores like Spanish markets, Target, and some markets that sell “fixed” candles. Those are candles that already have the corresponding  colors, symbols, writing etc on it. Many are like the saints,  Jesus & Virgin candles. Fixed candles are perfect for beginners  because they are already “Dressed” but again, be sure to clear your candle of previous energy.

I will list places to get special candles. I believe you should start with a simple one colored candle.

                                     Types of Candles

  1. Novena : the tall candles that are in a glass case. These are very commonly used for candle magic. Also seen in  some churches. These are perfect for writing on the glass, you can anoint  the glass with special oils. You can place your intention paper on the  bottom.
  1. Votive : the short candles, many are found in churches, easy to find in most places. These are perfect if you don’t have a safe place to burn your candle
  1. Tealights : Small round candles that be used for quick spells or when you truly have nowhere to burn your candles. You can burn one a day, daily until you manifest your intentions.
  1. Taper : Long or short, these are great for carving your intentions. BE VERY CAREFUL WHILE BURNING

                                                    Favorite Places for me to get Candles

In Los Angeles, I love The Green Man Store  on Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood. Ask for Hovik and tell him Norma sent you.  You can have them make you custom made candles. They will dress it, bless it, charge it (Charge it with energy) and it is powerful! But you have all the power you need.

NU-BOTANICS is like the Costco for magical tools. Many local metaphysical stores purchase their candles directly from this store and sell double and sometimes triple the price. My friend wanted to buy a “charged” candle online. The site was charging $28 for a candle you can get at Nu-botanics for $2.59 Buyer beware!!

Online stores with great candles  HOUSE Of INTUITION, THE GREEN MAN STORE,  SPELLBOUND SKY,  Objets d’ arts, WHOLEFOODS, AMAZON, ESTY. 

Know your source before you buy.  The above are good and check out local  metaphysical stores. In a pinch Amazon and Wholefoods and your local markets and  Target.