I Am More Than A Mom

May 6, 2021

I feel like I get easily labeled as “just a mom” (i cant even get into that little statement atm), but I am much more than a mother. I had a life before they existed that I continue to live today. Yes, most of my days revolve around mothering just as most of my husband’s days revolve around being a doctor etc but we all know he’s more than that right?

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I want to encourage my mamas out there to share their stories. Tell me how you’re more than a mom because I know you are! Use the hashtag #morethanamom with your post!

Here are some facts about me you may not know!

-->I have a bachelors and masters in creative writing because writing is my true passion that I ignore on a daily basis (but I’m writing right now… duh!

-->I was a stand up comic for two years in LA and performed at the Hollywood Improv, The Comedy Store, Haha Cafe, Flappers and several other places. My longest set was 20 minutes when I opened for a popular local comedian.

-->I graduated high school in 3 years when I was 16 and college by the time I was 20.

-->I recently learned how to sew and it quickly became my favorite hobby, but I also knit and crochet.

-->I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen as well. Love experimenting.

-->I’m a wino, but also love me a good stout

-->I didn’t really get into skin care until a couple years ago when I started to age =P

-->I backpacked through Europe with my best friend summer of 2013 and made some amazing friends!

-->I’ve lived in LA, NY, Baltimore and Chicago

-->I was trained in the Indian classical dance, Kathak, which I really want to get back into soon! I also was on the drill team in elementary and junior high and color guard at the start of high school. Then on the bhangra team in college!!! I love dancing!

-->I played badminton in high school and was on the swim & water polo team

-->I'm from West Covina, California but also lived in Hollywood, Korea Town, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Inglewood and Marina Del Rey.

-->I can pretty much fix anything, my husband calls me his handy man

-->I wrote a full length play and workshopped it at East West Players, where it was read in front of an audience by some pretty cool actors.

-->I worked at a vineyard in Baltimore, Maryland — best experience ever!

-->I nearly became a doctor. I almost went straight to the Caribbean after high school, but then went to UCR pre med. I was even part of the medical scholars program, but I knew it wasn’t meant for me.

-->I was an Uber driver for one day in Baltimore

--> I have my own in-home/online tutoring business (started in Beverly Hills when I was 21) that I took a little break from, but I’m back! I was actually the bread winner while my husband was in residency and fellowship <3

-->I was also a medical clinic manager, men’s warehouse sale’s associate, barista, bartender, sandwich maker and assistant to talent manager.

-->I love yoga and trying to incorporate it into my daily life whenever I can.

-->My brothers are my best friends (I have two of them and they are awesome)

-->I love country music and line dancing in the cowboy boots

-->I’m a self care advocate!

-->I love math and will literally take a math test for fun. I also really enjoy chemistry and science in general

-->Jeopardy is one of my fave shows to watch. Wheel of Fortune a close second.

-->I am a major book worm, but watch my fair share of movies too

-->I don’t do cardio

-->I practice Buddhism and mindfulness on a daily basis

-->I have a deal with Hubby that I don’t do snow! So I don’t clean it, shovel it or really play with it. #LA

-->I am a stay at home mom, but I still hustle and I’m damn proud of it.